I discovered my love for running 14 years ago after my father passed away from cancer, a tale all too common these days. At the time, it seemed like a natural outlet for stress. Running has transformed my life in every way: physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially. In addition to the myriad of health benefits it provides, it is a character building process – after gaining experience, you become both a competitor and coach, at once. Personally, I could not have found a better extracurricular gift. I wake up each and every morning with anticipation to run outdoors. Running gives me energy, a sense of freedom and happiness.

In the digital age we tend to be cooped up in office spaces, tied to work, responsibility, and electronically shackled to our devices. I believe that it is of utmost importance to promote analog activities, such as running, to maintain a connection with the natural world and with each other. Running is embedded in the DNA of human experience as a solo endeavor and a team effort.

Running has taken me on many adventures throughout the world. From the wild Alaskan wilderness, the Himalaya of Kashmir, multiple Boston Marathons, and into the mountains of Greece. I will continue to look for the best places on earth to run. And to cherish the great friends I make along the way.

Run on, Run free, Run for life, Run for Adventure,